Age 4 – 5

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Participates in group discussions
Completes assigned tasks
Works independently
Exhibits self-control
Respects rights and property of others
Shares and plays cooperatively
Assumes responsibilities
Is courteous
Distinguishes reality from fantasy
Recognises and writes name
Says the alphabets
Recognises the letter studied
Says the sound for the letters studied writes the letter introduced
Retells the story in proper sequence
Listens to stories from imaginations
Creates stories from imaginations
Has correct pencil grasp
Demonstrates left to right progression
Matches sets from zero to ten
Associates numerals with corresponding group
Counts one to ten
Counts to twenty
Writes numbers to ten
Uses ordinal numerals ,first to fifth
Identifies simple shapes
Recognises differences in size and shape
Participates in discussions and activities
Understand concepts taught
Shows ability to work independently and with a group
Demonstrates problems -solving abilities
Understands art concepts taught
Listens to instructions and follows directions
Participates in musical activities
Understands music concepts taught
Is able to perform basic motor skills
Works well with others