Age 5 – 6

Welcome to Atholton Academy!

Walking up and down stairs unassisted
Able to state age and date of birth
Identifies names of body parts
Recognises first and last name in print
Follows simple directions
Understands directional/positional words
Identifies matching objects
Able to hop on one-foot at list twice
Engaging in conversations
Jumps over obstacles when running
Walks backwards
Able to count from 1 to 100
Able to hold scissors properly
Recognise sizes (small, medium and large)
Able to hold pencils /crayons correctly
Able to string beads
Completes simple puzzles
Builds with blocks and other building toys
Draws or copies vertical and horizontal lines
Walks and runs on tip toes
Tells a story using pictures
Can recite rhymes ,songs and stories
Can recite days of the week
Can recite months of the year
Uses sentences consistently
Has good pronunciation on speech 4a
Has age appropriate language skills
Able to ask purposeful questions
Shares and takes turns
Leaves parents willingly and shows interest in being bat school
Approaches new activities with enthusiasm
Helps tidy up
Co-operates with teacher
Joins in play with peers /group
Treats toys and material with care
Can interact with peers in socially appropriate manner
Begins to differentiate between the fact and fantasy
Verbalises emotions he/she is feeling
Shows respect to others
Works independently
Able to solve problems
Able to follow directions and daily routine
Can switch from one activity to another activity
Dress/undress independently
Able to solve problems
Is quite when necessary
Displays self-control
Can eat by myself
Can wash hands
Can use toilet independently
Able to provide assistance to peers
Can complete work in time
Projects Delivery