Extra Mural Activity


A sports Education Program designed to have FUN while getting FIT. Our lessons are age appropriate to build your child‘s confidence and promote developmental growth week by week. Your child will be introduced to all major sports as well as some really fun stuff such as Kick boxing, Pilates, Speed stacks, Drumming and much more. We also focus on fundamental skills development, such as gross motor, fine motor, ball skills, strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and concentration to promote muscle tone and dynamic skills through the use of our extensive collection of sports equipment and gym apparatus. Your child will experience energy packed lessons for 30 fulfilled minutes once a week at their school venue.


Khromati Kidz

Khromati Kidz is an education based children’s music programme that helps with early childhood development. This programme is specially designed to aid kids in improving their body and personal space awareness, listening skills, loco-motor, social skills, self-esteem, language, numeracy, pre-reading murals and brain/ memory development. All of the above done with music as the main stimulant. Various child- friendly instruments such as drums, claves, castanets, egg shakers, maracitos, bells and scarves etc. will be used to create a holistic and educational approach to your child’s developing phases.


Classes are structured, teaching Discipline in readiness for Primary school, with emphasis on correct Posture (Stance) consequently, in time they attain Grace and Poise, which carries them throughout their lives. Ballet instills Self-confidence, which is important. The muscle in various parts of the body are strengthened. Focus is placed on Co –ordination, lengthening the Concentration-span and Balance improves. Certain Remedies Exercises to lengthen the tendon muscle and build up the arches in feel are taught.
Ballet is “The Gateway” to any other form of dancing, be it Classical, Greek, Spanish, Ballroom, Modern or Gymnastics, and Ice-skating etc.
If possible, try and provide a solid foundation for your little girl’s future, by introducing her to the Arts, and the wonderful world of ….BALLET

Group of fit children exercising ballet in studio together